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Dune fanart by OrganicSculpture Dune fanart by OrganicSculpture
This was really just practice in Painter, using a screenshot from the (horrible, how did they butcher it!) Children of Dune miniseries. I completely changed the face on the woman, just to shake things up.

Done in Painter 7, with touchups and dodginb/burning in PhotoShop. This was my first attempt at a portrait using Painter, despite taking a class in it. The class taught me very little, by the way. Mostly camel hair brush, no resat (I just learned about blending the other day), and dry chalk.
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Hannibalpjv Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
Nice picture!

I would like to ask, if you would give me a permission of using this picture in a fan made expansion to Dune card game?
If you do, what artist name do you prefer to use?…
shalotka Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009
I only read about the 'Children of Dune' mini-series and started having ideas how I would do the movie. Too bad I'm not involved in film making industry at all :P

Your artwork is very good - I really like the colours and the eyes of the characters :)
aeneis Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
hey, i love this pic.
i'm so disapponted, because there aren't so much Dune pics on deviantart. that's why i'm so happy to find yours ;)~
maskannai Featured By Owner May 24, 2007
Very nice.. I LOVE Dune!! I'm assuming the woman is Paul's sister..
zabriske-point Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006
Is it your firt time in painter? You done very well!
The spice-eyes detail is great!
Every artist or director imagine this eyes in a different way, and your interpretatios is awesome!
ladynelenyan Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2006
O.O It's amazing.. I love their expressions..
stilgar Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2006  Professional General Artist
Love this, love that Stilgar.............

"If wishes were fishes' we'd all cast our nets." - Gurney Haleck
filedebop Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You sure know the wielding way, may your water mingle with our waters.
RavenIII Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005   Interface Designer
Very Spiffy :) Classes seem to rarely teach much... especially classes at school XD
Guerriero Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005
Wow. This looks completely traditional, and -although I'm not a fan of Dune - this is undeniably brilliant.
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